Message from Japan Alumni of Laos (JAOL)

On behalf of the board committee and all members of the Japan Alumni of Laos (JAOL), I have a great pleasure to congratulate the Japanese University Graduate Association of Singapore (JUGAS) on its 50th Anniversary since its inception in 1970. For half of a century, JUGAS has been actively fostering and promoting good relations between Singapore and Japan as well as fellow associations from all ASEAN countries through different networks and events. I personally believe Singapore has immensely benefited from these networks and relations, contributing to its socio-economic development.

As you all (members of JUGAS) come together to enjoy this milestone and celebrate the five decades of your existence and success, JAOL stands ready to work with you as well as the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) and Asia Japan Alumni (ASJA) to strengthen our relations and collaborations further to promote mutual understanding and mutual benefits for all ASEAN and Japanese people.

Lastly, I wish you and all members of JUGAS having good health, success and I looking forward to see all of you very soon.

Happy 50th Anniversary.


President of JAOL