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  • What is JUGAS?
    JUGAS is an Alumni of non-Japanese citizens residing in Singapore who have graduated from or currently studying in Japanese universities.
  • Who will I meet in JUGAS?
    We currently have more than 460 members ranging from fresh graduates to teachers, CEOs, and Managing Directors of multinational companies, so that's quite hard to say! Check our members' stories for and idea of what some of members are doing.
  • What are the mission and objectives of JUGAS?
    JUGAS aims to help strengthen the relationship between Singapore and Japan. We have strong ties with The Embassy of Japan in Singapore, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) and other Japanese associations in Singapore.
  • What kind of activities are JUGAS involved in?
    We often organize events promote and enhance the public understanding of Japanese culture and language in Singapore, and network with other alumni organizations both in Singapore and overseas. JUGAS also works with Japanese universities to organise re-union trips and students exchange programs to Japan and administer a scholarship programs. Of course, we also have recreational events and get-togethers for members to network or just catchup with each other.
  • How much does it cost to join JUGAS and how do I join?
    We are always excited to welcome new members! Memberships are $30 per annum. Please refer to this page for details.
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