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Message from Japan Graduates' Association of Malaysia (JAGAM)

Happy 50th anniversary to JUGAS!

On behalf of JAGAM, i would like to convey our Heartiest Congratulations to all members of JUGAS.

While many things would have changed or disappeared in half a century, but JUGAS as one of the founding members of ASCOJA, has remained steadfast and committed in supporting the entire ASJA/ASCOJA fraternity, while upholding the Fukuda Doctrine with unwavering conviction. Personally, it is my privilege to have crossed path with JUGAS alumni way back during my time as an undergraduate in Japan especially our ASEAN sports competition at Komaba and subsequently in numerous business or NPO settings. Over the years, I am grateful to have exchanged idea, collaborated and be inspired by JUGAS members and leaders alike. I hope the feeling is mutual.

Our close working relationship stepped up a gear when I took up the current leadership role in JAGAM, culminating in the signing of MOU in support of JAGAM-ASCOJA ASEAN Entrepreneurship Initiative in Kuala Lumpur, February 2020 after consultation with Yee San end of 2019 in Singapore. This important milestone will pave the way for even more business exchanges, ensuring future win-win business propositions between alumni of ASEAN chapters.

I sincerely believe that under the new leadership of President, Mr Gian Yi-Hsen, JUGAS will reach another new height despite the challenges of Covid-19. I also want to congratulate immediate past President, Mr Yee Jenn En and his team for a job well done during his tenure. JAGAM appreciate your friendship, and rest assured that as your closest neighbour, our commitment to cooperate, collaborate and coordinate in all aspects will only grow stronger with time.

Once again heartiest congratulation JUGAS for your 50th anniversary celebration. You have come so far and achieved so much. Needless to say, we are very proud of you. Stand tall and cheers!

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Tang

JAGAM President 2019-2021

ASCOJA Governor 2019-2021

ASJA Director 2020-2022

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